URL preview

You can now preview the URL of your video directly from the upload page!

Your unique video shortlink will appear as soon as uploading is complete — simply copy-paste the link and share wherever you like. Once your video has finished processing, it will be ready for viewing.


RES support

Streamable is now compatible with the latest version (4.5.3) of Reddit Enhancement Suite!

Users of RES should get the browser update automatically. If not, please visit the extensions/plug-ins page in your browser and update to the latest version.



Streamable can now be accessed securely over HTTPS:


You can upload and watch videos just as you would normally, except all of your traffic will be encrypted.


User accounts

You can now create user accounts on Streamable to keep track of all the videos you've uploaded, as well as check their stats and sort by upload date or view count.

User accounts are totally optional to upload or watch videos!


Advanced upload options

There are now a few extra options when uploading Streamable videos from the homepage.

You can select "Do not resize" to preserve the source resolution of your video, and/or select "Remove audio" to strip existing audio channels from a video to give it that giffy feeling.


Embed support

You can now embed Streamable videos!

Just click on the Share button below a video, check off the desired settings, and choose an appropriate resolution. Finally, copy-paste the embed code into your site and you'll be good to go.


It's alive!

Streamable is now officially open for business:


Streamable was created to take the hassle out of online video sharing.

You can upload and watch without creating an account. There are no pre-roll ads to sit through and no annoying comments. It's fast, it's free, and it works.