Improved mobile support

We recently went through an overhaul of our video player, with a focus on improving mobile support.

You should now be able to watch Streamable videos on any smartphone or computer with a HTML5-compatible browser. If you have issues viewing videos, please send us a message at


Social buttons

You can now share your favorite videos on your favorite networks!

Simply click on the share button below a video to see options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Email. Of course, you can always copy-paste the video URL into any other network of your choosing.


Video reporting

All videos on Streamable now show a "Report" button on the footer which you can use to notify our staff of Terms of Service violations.

Please select a category when reporting a video and provide as much information as possible for why the video should be taken down. Thanks for keeping Streamable a safe and supportive community for video sharing.



Streamable videos can now be organized into playlists from the account management page.

Each playlist gets a unique shortcode (similar to videos) which you can share wherever you like -- or you can simply use the playlists feature to organize your video collection.


Video titles

Introducing video titles!

You can now add titles to your videos from the account page or on the video itself (only if you are the uploader). Titles are completely optional and can be updated whenever you like.



Don't have any videos handy on your computer or mobile phone?

Check out the new clipper:

You can import a video URL and we'll automatically detect the format and allow you to clip the video to your desired length. Cool!


Streamable API

Videos can now be uploaded via the Streamable API! It's a simple and powerful way to add uploads to your custom workflow.

Check out for documentation and instructions on how to start using the API.


Twitter card support

Streamable is now compatible with Twitter player cards!

Twitter users should now be able to watch Streamable videos within the native Twitter apps or on If you have issues with player cards, please let us know.


Drag and drop

Videos can now be uploaded using drag and drop on desktop browsers!

Just grab the video you'd like to upload (one at the time, please), drag it to your browser, and drop it on the Streamable homepage or account page.


Account uploads

Registered users can now upload videos straight from the account page. Just click on the blue "Upload" button on the top right and you'll see your new video processing at the top of the list.

If you'd like to use advanced upload options, simply visit the homepage as before.