Streamable WordPress Plugin

UPDATE: The Streamable WordPress Plugin has been retired. Please utilized our embed code to embed videos into WordPress.


It's now super easy to embed Streamable videos into your WordPress blog:

After installing the plugin, all you have to do is copy and paste any Streamable link into the post editor. It'll automagically get converted to an embed. Sweet!


Streamable Clipper for Chrome

We're very excited to bring you the Streamable Clipper for Chrome!

You can use our new Chrome extension to clip and share your favorite streams from Twitch, YouTube, and hundreds of other sites. You can also crop videos, add slow-mo, create GIFs, and more.

Grab it for free from the Chrome Web Store.


Stats + better mobile support

Ever wondered where a video went viral? Now you can! Just click on the view count below a video to see a detailed breakdown of views over time and referrer.

We are now encoding multiple mobile formats to ensure videos play smoothly on all connections. You don't need to do anything differently -- we'll automatically detect the playback device and serve the best quality video available. 


Streamable Profiles

You asked for a better way to showcase your videos, and we've listened! You can now visit your Streamable profile to see a beautiful catalog of your all your previously uploaded videos.

To see your profile, simply go to[username]. We'll display some video statistics about your account, and you can also add a profile photo and short bio if you'd like.

If you prefer not to display your videos publicly, simply go to your settings and disable public listing.

Let us know what you think!


Better, faster, stronger video uploader

We just launched a completely rewritten video uploader that greatly increases performance and reliability.

You'll also notice that we removed the "Do Not Resize" and "Remove Sound" options. From now, on videos will never be resized by default, and viewers will automatically get the highest-resolution format that is available for their device. If you'd like to remove audio from videos, you can use the clipper.

Please let us know if you run into any issues with the new uploader at

P.S. You can now upload .GIF files! They will promptly be encoded into smooth streaming video :)


New Clipper

The Streamable video clipper has a host of new features, including fast-forward, rewind, GIF mode, thumbnail selection and more.

Grab a video URL and try it out at Let us know what you think!


Streamable Search

Streamable now allows you to search all titled and publicly shared videos from the homepage.

Just click on the search bar on the top left of your screen and enter a query. If you'd like to limit the search for your videos, simply log in and use the search bar from your account page.


Create GIF

You can now convert videos to GIFs using Streamable.

Simply select "Create GIF" on the upload button dropdown and we'll strip the audio from your video and remove player controls. In addition, videos under 15 seconds get a bonus .GIF link. Sweet!


Fastly CDN

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Fastly, a next-generation content delivery network (CDN).

From now on all of our media will be served by Fastly. This will greatly reduce video loading times and will allow us to launch a number of new features at the cache nodes to improve overall performance.